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International Seminar Universitas Hangtuah Surabaya

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The Background


The era of global market, we will deal with many people around the world with many different purposes to conduct. Thus, we have to equip ourselves with many talents and abilities to enhance in many aspects of life. University of Hang Tuah, Surabaya challenges itself to be one of the best universities in worldwide, so improving itself by cooperating with other universities will be the first step to make. Therefore, making international partnership with others to strengthen self-improvement is worth to conduct.
In the marine life field, preserving the sustainability of the marine life and its aspects is very essential for us since the existence of human depends on the nature – lands and oceans. Thus, we have to conserve marine resources by using them wisely and protect its sustainability. The potential usage of lands and oceans must be conducted by experts, and with the help of the researchers, the well-managed marine resources that are based on the ecosystem-based planning and the effective jurisdictional mechanism will be achieved in the future.
Based on the statement above, the theme of International Seminar 2013 is ‘International Partnerships Related to the Development of Technology and Maritime,’ and Hang Tuah University Surabaya is challenged to hold an international seminar entitled International Seminar 2013 to celebrate its twenty-sixth anniversary. Hang Tuah University Surabaya which is supported by Indonesian Navy will welcome all plenary speakers around the world to join the seminar, so qualified solutions on the matters discussed will be applied. The topics related to maritime law, coastal society-health problem, medics in maritime field, marine science and technology, and social development will be discussed here. Hopefully, the seminar will bring good results for all the speakers and participants.